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Virtual General Assembly of GTW (Gesellschaft für Terminologie und Wissenstransfer / Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer ), July 2022 A virtual General Assembly is currently taking place. An e-mail has been sent out 27.07.2022 to all members who have provided their e-mail address. The vote is conducted via SurveyMonkey as described below. The Association has been inactive since the last general assembly in 2016, and before that the only activity for a number of years was TKE conferences. During that same period it was increasingly difficult to recruit members for the board. Meanwhile, the assets are sitting in the bank at an annual fee. Therefore the board now proposes to dissolve the GTW and allocate the assets to “purposes that are a natural extension of the aim of the Association” in accordance with the Statutes. You can see the Statutes and other information on the GTW here: According to the statutes, “The objectives of the Association shall be to promote terminology and knowledge transfer by means of research and development in information technologies for LSP communication at national and international level.” The assets presently amount to 8.475,17 Euro, see the attached accounts for the period 2016-2022. The board proposes to allocate the assets to DatCatInfo, which is the Data Category Repository (DCR) that replaces the former ISOcat. Data categories are specifications of metadata that are used in various types of language resources including terminology databases, lexical resources, linguistic annotation schemes, translation memories, and more. The aim of DatCatInfo is to harmonize data categories that are used in these various resources in order to increase interoperability. More information can be found at Formally, the dissolution has to be approved by a 2/3 majority vote at a general assembly. We therefore invite you to cast your vote by replying to the SurveyMonkey inquiry no later than 31 August 2022. In your reply, mark whether you agree or disagree to dissolve the GTW and allocate the assets to DatCatInfo. If you are a member, and have not received an e-mail, please contact the president of gtw, see the contact information on the 'board' page of this web site.
Account 2016-2022
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