GTW publications consist of the proceedings from TKE conferences. The publications from 2005-2010 can be acquired from the organizers of the conferences. Publications from later conferences are available on-line. . TKE Proceedings from 2005 and onwards are indexed by Elsevier for Scopus and Compendex. TKE conferences are included in the Danish bibliometric research indicator - see the latest list of 'series' here. If you know of other important acknowledgements of the proceedings, please inform the President.

Term Bases and Linguistic Linked Open Data

Proceedings of TKE 2016 the 12th International conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

: Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Antonio Pareja-Lora, Bodil Nistrup Madsen (eds.)

2016 - ISBN: 978-87-999179-0-7
Copenhagen Business School
255 sider

Ontology, Terminology & Text Mining

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

: Laurent Romary; Bodil Nistrup Madsen; Klaus-Dirk Schmitz & Hanne Erdman Thomsen

Proceedings as one pdf file:
2014 233 sider
Proceedings available online at

New frontiers in the constructive symbiosis of terminology and knowledge engineering

Proceedings of the 10th Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference

: Guadalupe Aguado de Cea; Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa; Raúl García-Castro & Elena Montiel-Ponsoda (eds.)

2012 - 978-84-695-4333-7
Proceedings can be downloaded.

Presenting Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Resources Online: Models and Challenges

Proceedings from TKE 2010

: Úna Bhreathnach & Fionnuala de Barra Cusack (eds.)

2010 - 978-0-9566314-0-4
Nicolson & Bass, Ireland

Managing Ontologies and Lexical Resources

Proceedings from TKE 2008

: Bodil Nistrup Madsen & Hanne Erdman Thomsen (eds.)

2008 - 87-91242-50-9

Terminology and content development.

Proceedings from TKE 2005

: Bodil Nistrup Madsen & Hanne Erdman Thomsen (eds.)

2005 - 87-91242-46-0

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