Statutes of GTW - Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer

1) Name and Seat of the Association (1) The name of the Association is "Association for Terminology and Knowledge Transfer" (2) The registered office of the Association is Copenhagen. The financial year corresponds to the calendar year. 2) Objective of the Association (1) The objectives of the Association shall be to promote terminology and knowledge transfer by means of research and development in information technologies for LSP communication at national and international level. (2) The Association is a non-profit-making organization whose exclusive and direct aims are of a non-financial nature. The Association shall not pursue any commercial aims. The accumulation of reserves shall only be admissible insofar as this is required to serve effectively the aims of the association. The funds of the Association may be used exclusively for purposes provided for in the statutes. The members shall receive neither profit shares nor any other form of payment in their capacity as members from the funds of the Association. They shall have no claim to shares in the assets of the Association. No person may be favored by expenses which do not serve the objective of the Association or which are disproportionately high. (3) The objective of the Association shall be fulfilled in particular by:
  1. the organization of terminology-related conferences and conventions;
  2. the foundation of an academic forum for the domain of terminology and knowledge transfer.
3) Membership (1) Anyone working in the domain mentioned in § 2 or furthering the aims of the Association in any other way may become a member. (2) The approval of the Board of the Association is necessary for the admission to the Association. (3) On proposal of the Board, the ordinary General Assembly (see § 7) may also designate honorary members. Honorary members shall be relieved of the payment of membership dues. 4) Termination of Membership (1) Membership is terminated by death, voluntary resignation from membership or exclusion. (2) The Board must be informed in writing of a member's intention to withdraw. Resignation from membership shall become effective at the next meeting of the Board following the resignation, at the latest, however, on December 31 of that year in which resignation is tendered. (3) In cases of serious default against the statutes, a member may be excluded from the Association at the discretion of the Officers. 5) Membership Dues (1) The General Assembly shall determine the annual membership dues. (2) Membership dues shall exclusively serve the aims mentioned in 2. (3) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the administration of membership dues and for rendering account of their use in a General Assembly and shall request formal approval of the accounts. 6) Executive Bodies (1) The executive bodies of the Association shall be:
  1. the General Assembly
  2. the Board
  3. Ad hoc Councils
7) General Assembly (1) The ordinary General Assembly shall be convened biannually. Members shall receive a written invitation together with an agenda four weeks prior to the date of the Assembly. (2) Extraordinary General Assemblies may be convened by the President or the Board. The invitation to this General Assembly must include an agenda. (3) Extraordinary General Assemblies must be convened by the Board if requested in writing by at least a quarter of the Association's members. (4) Invitations to extraordinary General Assemblies shall be sent to the members at least ten days prior to the date of the General Assembly. (5) Decisions at the General Assembly shall be taken by a simple majority of the present voting members. Changes in the statutes require the approval of two thirds of the members. (6) If a member is not able to make use of his/her right to vote, he/she may grant proxy in writing to another member. (7) Minutes of each General Assembly shall be taken and signed by the Secretary and another member of the Board. The Secretary shall be responsible for sending the minutes to all members. (8) After distribution of the minutes, any objections may be lodged with the Board within a period of 3 months. The Board shall determine the validity of the objections. (9) The General Assembly elects the Board members for a term of 4 years.  8) Board (1) The Board is composed of at least 5 members and organizes itself with:
  1. the President
  2. the Vice-President
  3. the Treasurer
  4. the Secretary
(2) The Board shall represent the Association. Its duties shall include in particular the safeguard of the Association's principles and its financing, the contractual and financial organization of projects, cooperation with or accession to institutes, organizations, and associations. (3) The President and the Treasurer of the Board, shall each be entitled to represent the Association. (4) Attendance by more than half of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. Decisions shall be taken by a majority vote of the present members. (5) The President shall convene the meeting of the Board pysically or virtually at least twice a year. (6) All members of the Board can be confirmed in their office for another period after having been released. (7) If a member of the Board withdraws, the Board shall nominate a successor, whose appointment shall be subject to the approval of the next General Assembly. 9) Ad hoc Councils (1) For special tasks and projects, the Board may designate members to an Ad hoc Council. (2) Members of the Ad hoc Council shall not be required to be members of the Association. 10) Dissolution (1) The decision to dissolve the Association may only be taken by a two-thirds majority vote of the members at the General Assembly. (2) In the event of dissolution of the Association, the Association’s assets shall be allocated to non-profit-making purposes that are a natural extension of the aim of the Association, but which has to be decided at the dissolving General Assembly. Approved at the General Assembly December 8 2004 Revised at teh General Assembly ........

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