PLENARY 1 Ravi Ramamurti Rajah Rasiah Paz Estrella Tolentino
PLENARY 2 Suzlon Wind Energy A/S Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
CLOSING ROUNDTABLE Andrea Goldstein Anoop Madhok Klaus Meyer Max von Zedtwitz
PAPERS Katalin Antalóczy and Magdolna Sass: Emerging multinationals: the case of Hungary Amar Iqbal Anwar, Rolf Hasse and Fazli Rabbi: Location determinants of Indian outward foreign direct investment: how multinationals choose their investment destinations? Glauco Arbix: Innovative firms in three emerging economies: a comparison between the Brazilian, Mexican and Argentinean industrial elite Ernesto S. Arellano Jr.: The Bee that Stings McDonald’s in Asia: Lessons on strategic behavior of a multinational company from the Philippines Helena Barnard: Self-representation and the credibility of developing country firms Fabio Bertoni, Stefano Elia and Larissa Rabbiosi: Drivers of acquisitions from BRICs to advanced countries: firm-level evidence Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and Luis Dau: Structural reform and the accelerated multinationalization of developing-country firms Alvaro Bruno Cyrino, Betania Tanure and Erika Penido Barcellos: International trajectories of Brazilian companies: empirical contribution to the debate on the importance of distance Nandita Dasgupta: Examining the long run effects of export, import and FDI inflows on the FDI outflows from India: a causality analysis Sergey Filippov: Emerging Russian multinationals: challenges and opportunities Andrea Goldstein and Fazia Pusterla: Emerging economies’ multinationals: general features and specificities of the Brazilian and Chinese cases Philippe Gugler and Bertram Boie: The emergence of Chinese FDI: determinants and strategies of Chinese MNEs Rory Horner: The intra- and inter-firm geography of emerging multinationals: India’s pharmaceuticals Dessy Irawati: FDI accelerates Indonesian automotive cluster: the case of Toyota-challenge and complexity in managing technology in extended automotive global production Dinar Kale: Internationalisation strategies of Indian pharmaceutical firms Kalman Kalotay and Astrit Sulstarova: Modeling Russian outward FDI Harun Kaya and Veysel A?ca: Entrepreneurial orientation and performance of Turkish manufacturing FDI firms: an empirical study Jungmin Kim and Dong Kee Rhee: The shifting location decisions of Korean outward FDI Jan Knoerich: Motivations of German sellers in Chinese cross-border acquisitions: capitalising on the internationalisation of enterprises from China Peter Kragelund: Knocking on a wide open door: Chinese investments in Africa Jia Tao Li and Fiona Kun Yao: Emerging economy multinationals as reference groups: institutional environments and investment in China Christian Milelli and Françoise Hay: Characteristics and impacts of the arrival of Chinese and Indian firms in Europe: first evidence Alberto Di Minin and Jieyin Zhang: Preliminary evidence on the international R&D strategies of Chinese companies in Europe Jon Mortensen: Emerging multinationals: the South African hospital industry overseas Françoise Nicolas and Stephen Thomsen: Chinese direct investment in Europe: motives, strategies and implications Lucia Piscitello and Grazia D. Santangelo: The impact of R&D offshoring on home country knowledge production Jaya Prakash Pradhan: Indian direct investment in developed region Roberta Rabellotti and Marco Sanfilippo: Chinese FDI in Italy Ravi Ramamurti: What have we learned about emerging-market MNEs? Insights from a multi-country research project Rajah Rasiah: Outward foreign direct investment from emerging economies: trends, drivers and firm-driven home government policies Alexander Settles: International investment activities of Russian corporations Cassandra Sweet: Indian multinationals in Brazil: emerging players in emerging markets Danchi Tan and Klaus Meyer: The scope of business groups: a Penrosean perspective Lepi Tarmidi and Peter Gammeltoft: The characteristics of China’s multinationals in the manufacturing sector operating in Indonesia Juha Vaatanen and Daria Podmentina: The effect of internationalisation on emerging multinational companies’ performance – case of Russia Wei Zhao and Ling Liu: Outward direct investment and R&D spillovers: the China’s case

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