A FEW PAPERS WILL NOT BE UPLOADED BUT DISTRIBUTED BY EMAIL TO CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Alon, Cherp, Leung and Simpson: Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese National Oil Companies Amighini, Cozza and Rabellotti: Europe as a Diversification Strategy for Chinese and Indian Business Groups: Evidence from firm-level data Bowien and Vives: Leverage OR DEVELOP? How Emerging market multinationals manage their business models in their internationalization processes. Concer and Kassab: The macroeconomic determinants of outward foreign direct investment: evidences from Brazil Costa: Multilatinas’s Mergers and Acquisitions: what and where the ocelots are hunting? Estrin, Nielsen and Nielsen: Emerging market multinational companies and internationalization: The role of contextual conditions Fiaschi, Giuliani and Nieri: BRIC Companies Seeking Legitimacy through Corporate Social Responsibility Fu, Hou and Liu: Unpacking the relationship between OFDI and innovation performance: the moderating effect of contextual factors Gao: Chinese direct investment in Europe--- case in France Garg: Indian OFDI in Germany Giorgioni: OFDI from CHINA: a DELIBERATELY MACRO re-evaluation Giuliani, Martinelli and Rabellotti: Is Co-Invention an Opportunity for Technological Catch Up? A Study on the Collaboration between Firms from Emerging countries and EU inventors Herrero and Deorukhkar: What explains India’s surge in outward direct investment? Hertenstein, Sutherland and Anderson: The internationalization process model, business networks and home country effects: exploring the relationship between inward and outward FDI in China’s auto components industry Kidambi Vijeyaraghavan and Nandakumar: Imitation in FDI-Based Entry: The Case of Emereging Market Firms Entering International Markets Lai and Morgan: Exploring home country effects on international human resources management: A case study of social relationships in European subsidiaries of Chinese multinationals Li: Entrepreneurial Leapfrogging in the Context of ISE: The Salience of Disruptive Innovation by Li, Cui and Lu: Corporate Ownership Reform and Foreign Market Entry of Emerging Market Firms: An Institutional Competitive Advantage Perspective Liu and Hensmans: Why do Chinese EMNEs establish affiliates in Belgium? Lv and Spigarelli : The impact of environmental and institutional factors on Chinese green investments in europe: HOME AND HOST COUNTRY EFFECT Mathur: Foreign investments as Nectar or Poison? Insights from Indian investments in Finland Narula and Kodiyat: How home country weaknesses can constrain further EMNE growth: extrapolating from the example of India Petersen and Seifert : Strategic Asset Seeking By EMNEs: A matter of Liabilities of foreignness - Or Outsidership? Piscitello and Scalera: A comparative analysis of Chinese and Indian MNEs’ knowledge-intensive acquisitions in Europe: The impact of institutional distance and host-country experience on ownership choices Semeniuk: Factors Influencing Willingness to Work for Foreign Firms Simons and Burmester: Chinese OFDI Sensitivity to Host Nation Human Rights Repression: a Comparative Analysis Sikdar: What Drives Internationalization of Emerging Country Multinationals (EMNCs): Towards a Conceptual Framework Tan and Ai: Intra-Firm Knowledge Transfer in the Outward M&A of EMNCs: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms Tang: The Effects of Cross-Listing & Political Connections on the Cross-Border Acquisition Performance of Transition Economy Firms (TEFs) Xie and Li: The “Compatriot community” effect in cross-border acquisitions: gaining legitimacy for majority control

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