OFDI Platform

The Department of International Economics & Management (INT) is running a platform on outward investment from emerging economies (OFDI). Launched in 2007, the platform comprises of research, publication projects, dissemination activities and a bi-yearly conference series. Several emerging economies are becoming large outward investors. The characteristics of these emerging flows along with the corporate strategies, government policies and institutional arrangements underpinning them are still weakly understood. How are outward investments impacting on flows of knowledge and technology between emerging and developed countries? What are the links between forms of ownership and internationalization? How are flows shaped by home country institutional settings? How is inward and outward internationalization linked at the firm level, e.g. through imports or linkages to foreign firms? How are sovereign wealth funds, which predominantly reside in emerging economies, coming to manage their ever-increasing funds with increasing activism? Several research projects are ongoing at INT in these various domains. The bi-yearly conference series has spawned a large number of publications, including a collection of journal special issues. Contributions have also been made to popular and business press, conference contributions, etc.

Last updated by: Tasja Rodian 22/10/2017