Stress prevention and well-being among students at CBS

Pernille Steen Pedersen, Introducing the Stress and Well-being research project.



Welcome to the website of the project "Stress prevention and well-being among students at CBS". The project began 1. February 2021 and runs over a three year period. This site presents the project, a new perspective on stress as related to the feeling of shame, and communicates on its ongoing activities and results. This site is for students, researchers and staff at CBS concerned with the topic of stress and well-being, for external partners of the project, and for everyone interested in a new take on stress. Our claim is that stress cannot be reduced to the responsibility of the individual, because stress also has a common cause in the work or study culture. What this means is that there are opportunities to understand, address and handle stress in the relations between people, for example within a specific organizational culture, like that of a study environment. This relational gaze will produce different - relational based - measures. When people across different functions and positions together are tackling the issue of stress, it will have a widely different impact than an approach focusing on the stressed individuals or their manager/leader in an organization. We hope that you will engage with us on this journey to understand stress among students and develop preventative measures. We aim for this research project to bring people together and in the space of collaboration foster innovative ideas and perhaps, be the beginning of a movement - a collaborative movement to defeat the culture that triggers stress.
“The students are the future. They are the future leaders, lawyers and consultants. So, what if we could equip them with the tools and capabilities needed for dealing with stress with the community in focus before they leave CBS? CBS is my workplace, and I know how important it is for students to thrive, so I see it as my obligation to share my knowledge with CBS.” - Pernille Steen Pedersen, in CBSWire

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