Lectures & Presentations

“Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep” – Albert Camus

Lectures are the most common teaching method in many study programs at CBS; and yet a very challenging one. The lecture as a teaching method is basically characterized by unidirectional communication, from lecturer to students. This is also why it is challenging, since studies have documented that student concentration during lectures drop dramatically after about 20 minutes.
Basic suggestions for keeping students awake:
  • Grab student’s attention in your opening
  • Talk to individuals
  • Be aware of your tempo, your voice and your body
  • Keep an eye on students' reactions
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10 Recommendations to lecturers at CBS, by CBS Teaching & Learning
Senior staff at CBS gives 10 recommendations on how to improve your lecturing.
Chapter 4.1.: Lectures, from Rienecker, Stray Jørgensen, Dolin and Ingerslev, (ed.): University Teaching and Learning, Samfundslitteratur 2015
The book presents a wide range of issues and topics within university teaching.
Lecturing, by Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University
An online compilation of lecturing resources ranging from the basics to the use of effective visuals and how to create interactive lectures.

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