Go online to create highly flexible learning

At CBS we are committed to engage students in activating and collaborative learning processes. Online learning activities allow us to do just that. We differentiate between two types of fully online learning: Online Courses, which are courses giving credit to CBS students, and MOOCS, which are open for everyone and does not give official credit. They usually have a duration of 8 weeks.
Online courses can include:
  • recorded video lectures
  • online case materials
  • spoken Power Point presentations
  • discussion fora
  • online Q&A sessions
  • quizzes
  • online supervision

All learning activities and all content can be accessed without physical presence and in most cases with no fixed time schedule either. Hereby, the online course can offer flexibility for students in terms of when and where to do their weekly coursework. In return, an online course will provide the students with an equivalent amount of ECTS as on-campus courses. Neither the course activities nor the exam will require students to be present on campus.

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