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Clickers 2

As a teacher at CBS, you can use two response systems:
  • Clickers
    Students answer your questions via 'clickers' which are handed out at the beginning of class.
  • ResponsWare
    Students answer your questions online via a cell phone or computer. It takes a license to use ResponsWare.

Get started by contacting: Rikke Nielsen

A response system is a tool which enables you to create engaging and effectful interactivity in your face-to-face teaching. With both systems you can ask questions to the whole class and show the results on screen instantly. You can also use the systems for individual and group activities and for formative assessment purposes depending on the questions you ask.  The tool is integrated in PowerPoint as an extra tab and is easy to use. 

  How to get Clickers: 1. Contact Teaching & Learning to get a link to Turning Technologies. 2. Follow the link to Turning Technologies' landing page. 
    Download and install Turning Point 5 on your computer 
    (ignore iCloud or other download options on the landing page).
3. Open Turning Point 5 and select PowerPoint Polling. 4. Add question slides to your PowerPoint presentation. Notice: You need to book Clickers in advance. Click here to book.
How to get ResponsWare: 1. Contact Teaching & Learning to get a license and a link to Turning Technologies. 2-4. Same process as for Clickers.

How to use Clickers
How to use ResponseWare
Clickers: Best practice Use - By Brown University
TurningPoint Video Guides - By Turning Technologies
If you like to participate in a workshop about 'classroom activity with clickers - Register here

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