Try out online group collaboration in class

With Google Docs up to 50 students are able to write in one shared document at the same time. This gives the opportunity of creating dynamic group exercises in large classes. Google Docs, also known as Google Drive, includes:
  • documents,
  • presentation slides,
  • spreadsheets,
  • and forms
which you can easily share with your students. When a Google Docs file is shared with others, they get access to the document and can view or edit it. Besides the ability to work collaborately and share documents easily, documents created in Google Docs can be used similarly to e.g. Words, PowerPoint and Excel. Get started with Google Docs here. In this video Maja Lotz, associate at University of Ã…rhus, describes how she used Google Docs in her teaching at CBS. Here she tells how she and her students benefitted from this tool.   
How to create and edit a document in Google Docs
How to Share a Google Docs Document
How to use Applications with Google Docs

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