Produce your own teaching video with Panopto

If you want to produce a short, focused video for your teaching you can use the video tool Panopto.
Teaching & Learning will:
  • provide you with a Panopto license
  • provide you with tutorials on how to use Panopto and/or person-to-person training
  • help you prepare your video and, for example, work with a storyboard
  • instruct you on how to save and share your video with others
  • do basic editing of the recorded video

Get started by contacting: Mads Szylit Larsen 
(+45) 3815 3824

This type of video production is often based on a well-designed PowerPoint presentation. In Panopto, you can film the presentation and add your own speech.  
With this format, you will be able to produce videos fast and independently. You will also to be able to change and update your videos yourself. Teaching & Learning will also instruct you on how to achieve the best sound. Panopto for Education                      

Last updated by: Andreas Ragn 09/12/2016