Prezi is a presentation software that enables you to create a visually captivating presentation. It is a good choice, for example, if you want to make a high-level introduction to a topic which covers the main perspectives while establishing a good overview at the same time. You can check out Prezi on their website and download a free license. You can also see Prezi in action in the presentations below. Dynamic non-linearity
What is unique about Prezi is the ability to create non-linearly structured presentations. Prezi thus introduces visual movement allowing for a completely different experience from that of a PowerPoint presentation. Whereas 'going back' in a PowerPoint requires browsing perhaps 10 slides back, losing the focus of the audience, a Prezi allows for circular, spiral or even parallel motions much better at illustrating not only how A relates to B, but also how B relates directly to Z and X.
All of this means, that you can create a more filmic flow with a strong visual appeal and a surprising structure.  It is important to notice that a Prezi presentation does not offer interactivity, it plays like a video.      Design as storytelling
Prezi gives you a lot more options on visual design than traditional presentation tools. This allows you to utilize design in a much fuller way to support the content of your presentation. Each choice has its own effect on the audience and you can thus utilize Prezi to support the story you wish to tell.
Get Started with Prezi


The homepage of Prezi, from which you can make your first Prezi presentation. The site also contains various templates and tutorials to help you get started.
Press Design Strategies
A Prezi presentation made by Shawn Apostel, which introduces various strategies and approaches to your Prezi design.

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