Inspiration seminars

Teaching & Learning offers a series of inspiration seminars to departments or studies to inspire teachers and provide new educational opportunities. Each seminar will take about an hour, in which 30 minutes are dedicated to a presentation of a topic and the last 30 minutes consist of a discussion facilitated by the presenter. The topics presented are related to teaching and learning at CBS and are adjusted according to the needs and interests of the particular department or study.
Examples of topics could be:
  • Students at CBS - who are they, and how do we meet them?
  • Using Office Hours to provide feedback to students
  • The role of technology in the classroom
  • Getting started with peer consultation
  • Online and blended teaching at CBS - why and how to get started?
  • Webinars - a brief introduction
  • Panopto - recording your own online lectures
  • Clickers - questions, assessments and student activation
  • PowerPoint & Prezi: Tips & tricks for great educational presentations

To learn more about our inspiration seminars, please contact us.

Last updated by: Andreas Ragn 02/02/2016