Pedagogical courses

CBS Teaching & Learning works with the pedagogical development of teachers. We are responsible for a variety of pedagogical courses that primarily deal with different teaching practices used at CBS. Our courses are primarily directed at teachers at CBS, but other participants are welcome as well. If you are not employed at CBS we will sometimes require you to pay an administrative fee to attend the course. The size of these fees vary according to the duration and content of the specific course.
The courses are organized within five areas: 1. General university pedagogical courses
2. Use of information technology in the teaching
3. Case-based teaching
4. Internationalization, including the Multicultural Classroom
5. Specific pedagogical challenges
   Click on a course to learn more: Assertive Verbal Case-based Teaching Crash Course in Online Learning Activities Instruktor Kursus - General Pædagogik for Instruktorer på CBS Introduction to Teaching at CBS for PhD students Learning to Teach (taught in Danish) Learning to Teach Multicultural Classroom Oral Examination and Assessment - Formal Danish Rules, Procedures, and Practical Performance Responsibilizing Management Education Supervision of Master's Thesis - Specifically for External Lecturers Teaching First Year Students On- and off-campus dialogue in large classes (Formerly known as teaching large classes)  Teaching Quantitative Courses Teaching with Slides: Visuals for Learning Undervisning på Store Hold Vejledning af Kandidatafhandling - Specielt for Eksterne Undervisere Whiteboard Telling   To sign up for one of the courses currently being offered by Teaching & Learning, please click here.

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