Produce film with professional help

  If you want to make a professional video, for example as part of a blended or online course, Teaching & Learning can help you creating high quality videos in the CBS video studio at Kilen or at another location.
We distinguish between two types of services: 1. Services directly related to teaching and learning activities such as courses and lectures. These are offered free of charge. 2. All other services focusing on internal or external communication of research, coverage of events and marketing and branding at CBS. We offer these services when we have excess time, and we charge a fee.
  Popular service - limited resources
Our video services are very popular and to ensure that the need for teaching and learning related activities is met, we will refer to above distinction when necessary.
CBS has an increasing focus on blended and online learning including MOOCs. Therefore, we might also experience periods when, unfortunately, we will not have the capacity to meet all demands for teaching and learning related activities. In this case, we will prioritize our services as listed below, based on the strategy for pedagogical development and learning technologies:
  1. Recordings that are related to the production of online courses and MOOCs.
  2. Recordings that can be done by the teacher with support from our team to on how to set up equipment and use it.
  3. Recordings that can be used repeatedly in courses or studies.
Make an early booking
We encourage you to make an early notification or booking. This will help us to plan our work effectively and increase the likelihood that we can accommodate your request. So please inform us of your plans, even if you do not have all details ready. It is very unlikely that we are able to meet bookings made later than two weeks in advance.

Last updated by: Ulla Bergen 09/12/2016