Link to video with examples of different video formats
Class lecture with slides:
  • You must prepare a speak manus and a supportive slide presentation.
  • You will do the speak with the help of a teleprompter.
  • Slides to support the speak are inserted in post-production.
  • The video can be made in the studio or on another location.
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Class lecture done in front of screen:
  • You must prepare your presentation and decide on what to show on screen.
  • You will speak without the help of a teleprompter.
  • You can point directly to information on the screen when relevant during the recording.
  • The information on screen is recorded simultaneouly with the speak.
  • The video is made in the studio.
On location lecture:
  • You must be well-prepared and know what you are going to say.
Case interview:
  • You must forward an interview guide and prepare your answers.
  • The interview will be done by one of the people in Teaching & Learning, e.g. the video crew.
  • Interviews usually take place on a nice location, so consider what could be a good option.
  • With this format you can, for example, communicate case material.
  • With the Waycom programme you can make a recording while you're drawing on a screen and talking. This is a good format for explaining a model or communicating a process.

Last updated by: Andreas Ragn 10/11/2016