1. Services. Look through our different services here.
  2. Booking. Book us online by using this form at least 2 weeks before the recording session should take place. Remember to specify the service you are interested in and if you have special demands.
  3. Planning. You prepare a short listing of the event: what happens when and where. List which recordings are needed and how they are combined.
  4. Contact. We will contact you about the recording session and the video/sound product. We decide on how many photographers/sound recordists we will need in order to cover the event. We might suggest you a different service, if we find your needs better matched with one of our other services. If neccessary we might ask you for a short meeting where we can discuss the recording and final production formats.
    NB: We prefer to talk with the person who should approve of the video/sound production in the end - so that no misunderstandings occur because of too many people involved.
  5. Contracts. Due to CBS procedure, we need every participant in the video to sign a contract. You will find the contract here.
  6. Recording. We will then begin recording according to your needs and our abilities. Please present involved participants to the technical set up beforehand and let them know, if there are special demands to them as participants (for instance to clip on a microport, stand within a certain area, speak up or to look directly into the camera).
    NB: Please allocate the time needed for creating a recording - making a video can take longer than anticipated. If you are going to make a video presentation, we ask you to prepare it before the actual recording, so that you are ready, when we are.
  7. Post Production. The recording is sent to post production.
    Our post production time for portrait videos, presentation videos and event videos are approximately two weeks.
    Our post production time for lectures on video/sound, and conference documentation with the OB van are approximately a week.
    Our streaming service is real-time and has no post production time, unless you also want the streaming as a video documentation as well. Then the production time is approximately a week.
  8. Delivery. We can upload the video/sound recording on, CBS learn, CBS vimeo, or we can send you a link to dropbox.
  9. Feedback. If you are unsatisfied with parts of the production you are welcome to contact us. We can edit the production according to your wishes and comments - if you notify us within 3 days after receiving the production. Otherwise we consider it as approved and the production is ready to go and free to use, link and forward.
  10. Digital Back Up. Unfortunately we cannot store the great amounts of data we record. If you want a back up of all the filmed material you need to provide us with an external harddrive formatted for apple-devices (i.e. not in FAT 32-format).

Last updated by: Andreas Ragn 14/03/2016