Copenhagen Speech Event 2013

Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen welcome you to Copenhagen Speech Event 2013, a double conference on Speech in Action. Linguistic phenomena in spontaneous speech and connected speech processes have received an increasing interest in the recent years. The two conferences SJUSK 2013 and ExAPP 2013 both focus on spontaneous speech, and it is the aim to gather researchers from a wide variety of linguistic subdisciplines that investigate the phenomena of speech in action.
SJUSK 2013 Symposium for Contemporary Speech Habits and Pronunciation Patterns Copenhagen Business School March 18-20, 2013   ExAPP 2013 Experimental Approaches to Perception and Production of Language Variation University of COPENHAGEN March 20-22, 2013
Is modern language crumbling around us? Some say that spontaneous speech is incomplete and inconsistent, threatened by sloppiness and unhealthy speech habits (termed ‘sjusk’ in Danish). Others avoid aesthetic bias altogether and consider the state of affairs as just another language state, leaving the descriptive challenge to an inadequate linguistic theory. SJUSK 2013 addresses all issues concerning contemporary speech habits – and the challenges they present to language theory, technology, and teaching. We thus invite linguists, phoneticians, speech technologists, language teachers, and others with an academic interest in spoken language to explore the new demands for theoretical and practical clarification in the intriguing field of natural speech.   Variability in linguistic behavior is studied in all branches of linguistics. While the approaches may differ in the objectives for studying language variation, they all benefit from incorporating the systematic manipulation of linguistic phenomena in the study of linguistic behavior. The study of the many kinds of variation in spontaneous speech can help to extend current models of speech production and speech perception, as well as shed light on the study of language change. The goal of the ExAPP conference series is to gather scholars from all branches of linguistics employing experimental methods to investigate linguistic variation. We welcome abstracts for posters and papers that cover aspects of variation on all linguistic levels, and the perception as well as the production thereof.

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