ExAPP 2013

Variability in linguistic behavior is studied in all branches of linguistics. While the approaches may differ in the objectives for studying language variation, they all benefit from incorporating the systematic manipulation of linguistic phenomena in the study of linguistic behavior. The study of the many kinds of variation that can be found in spontaneous speech can help to extend current models of speech production and speech perception, as well as shed light on the study of language change. The goal of the ExAPP conference series is to gather scholars from all branches of linguistics employing experimental methods to investigate linguistic variation. We welcome abstracts for posters and papers that cover aspects of variation on all linguistic levels, and the perception as well as the production thereof. These include, but are not limited to, the following topics:
  • Perception of variation
  • Production of variation
  • Intelligibility in spontaneous speech
  • Social meaning of linguistic features
  • Language attitudes
  • Individual variation
Talks will be 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes for discussion and changing between speakers. Abstracts should be 300 words (excluding references) as a maximum. Posters will be displayed throughout one day, and there will be a dedicated poster session. All abstracts will be submitted to peer review, and accepted abstracts will be published on-line. Please indicate whether you prefer paper or poster presentation, but note that all abstracts may be considered for both types of presentation). Abstracts should be submitted via Deadline for submission: Friday November 2nd 2012, 11:59 p.m. GMT Notification of acceptance: November 26th 2012. Contact:

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