SJUSK 2013 - Symposium on Contemporary Speech Habits and Pronunciation Patterns

SJUSK 2013 addresses all issues concerning contemporary speech habits and pronounciation patterns – and the challenges they present to language theory, technology, and teaching. We thus invite linguists, phoneticians, speech technologists, language teachers, and others with an academic interest in spoken language to explore the new demands for theoretical and practical clarification in the intriguing field of natural speech.

The SJUSK 2013 symposium invites talks and posters within the following topics:
  • Distinctiveness and information structure
  • Speech technology – for colloquial speech
  • Insights in speech variation from corpus linguistics
  • Psycho-acoustics aspects of language perception
  • Natural speech variation in language learning and language acquisition
  • Perception and acceptance of natural speech in public media
  • … any other relevant topic
Talks will be 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes for discussion. Abstracts should be 300 words (excluding references) as a maximum. All abstracts will be submitted to peer review, and accepted abstracts will be published on-line. Please indicate whether you prefer paper or poster presentation, but note that all abstracts may be considered for both types of presentation. Deadline for submission of abstract: December 5th 2012. Notification of acceptance: December 20th 2012. Contact:

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