SPHINX Install Party

Thematic session - 20.03.2013 - 8.30-10.30, room SØ.020
As part of the SJUSK 2013 conference a session on installation and use of the speech recognition software CMU Sphinx will be arranged.
Bring your laptop and leave with an open source speech recogniser installed on your machine. Researchers at CBS will help you install a software suite called CMU Sphinx. With the tools in CMU Sphinx, you will be able to run your own automatic speech recogniser, create your own ASR system including an ngram language model and experiment with dictionaries, annotation and the acoustic model. You will be given a Danish sample data set you can train your own recogniser with or you can use the existing models that are included with Sphinx. The laptop you bring should use either Linux or Windows operating systems. If you run Windows, please install Java SDK. If you have a Mac, we're willing to give it a try as well, but you must install Xcode first. For questions and registration for the party, please contact Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal, Copenhagen Business School.

Last updated by: Jan Heegård Petersen 15/03/2013