With Digital Exam, CBS will:
  • Abide by the Danish eGovernment Stratety 2011-2015 for digital hand-in of exam papers by students
  • Support a modern and digital approach to carry out and assess exams
  • Rationalize processes in relation to planning and hold exams
By the end of 2013, CBS' Portfolio Management Board (PMB) approved that CBS should participate in the IT project for the development of new digital exam platform. Digital Exam will digitalize many parts of the exam process:  
  • Planning
  • Transfer of data from CBS' study administrative system, STADS
  • Hand-out of exam assignments,
  • Digital hand-in from students
  • automatic transfer of digital hand-ins to assessors
  • assigning grades and automatic transfer of grades to STADS. 
The system is developed in close collaboration with: University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, Aalborg University and Roskilde University. It is developed by the vendor Arcanic, who has experience with IT systems for universites and has developed study systems for e.g. Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde Universitet. For more information about the eGovernment Strategy 2011 - 2015, click HERE
(focus area 7 - Digital Universities).

Last updated by: Team Digital Exam 29/03/2017