Revised print strategy - Updated January 2018

New agreement regarding CBS’ print strategy starting January 1st 2018  From January 1st 2018 CBS examiners (not including external examiners, ie "censors") can request printed copies of exam papers for exams that include an oral defense. The examiner simply contacts the exam planner, and they will order printed copies from our new supplier Damgård and Jensen. Examiners must note that there is a minimum two-day waiting period from ordering to delivery.   The exemption option is no longer applicable, and this will be communicated via the Digital Exam site on CBS Share and the information site, All exam planners have been orientated via email, and the news will be included in the next newsletter from APU to the academic faculty.   Please note that this decision does not overrule the course coordinator option in regards to requesting the study board to pay for printed copies of exam assignments that are to be used for written sit-in exams.   This new decision was made by CBS’ leadership as a way of ensuring that the oral exams at CBS are carried out in a non-stressful manner. Hopefully, this will ensure a calmer environment for the students, and also give them a greater sense of service, and in a legal sense, greater security. Additionally, it is a better way of meeting the needs of those examiners who prefer printed copies.      Finally, examiners are still very welcome to print papers on their own, or to go 100% digital!  

Last updated by: Team Digital Exam 19/01/2018