Working papers and unpublished lecture notes

(with Zhuolu Gao, Mikkel V. Hauerberg, and Aleksander K. Tetzlaff) Forgiven but not forgotten: Emerging market credit spreads following debt relief, 2021, Working paper (with Benjamin Christoffersen and Søren Feodor Nielsen): Estimating volatility in the Merton model: The KMV estimate is not maximum likelihood, 2021, Working Paper (with Andreas Bang Nielsen) Quanto CDS Spreads, 2018, Working paper (with Søren Johansen) On multifactor models as co-integration models, 2006, Working paper (with Rolf Poulsen) Lecture notes for the course: Investments and finance theory, May 2000, 196 pages, University of Copenhagen (In Danish) 1999: En hovedsætning i finansieringsteorien – og lidt om realkreditobligationer. FAMØS, volume 13, number 2 On correlated defaults in a rating-based model – common state variables versus simultaneous defaults. Working paper, October 2000, Presented at the BSI-Gamma foundation lecture in Lugano, 2000 (with Martin Blædel and Brian Huge) 1998: On Long Run Portfolio Optimization Using the Universal. Portfolio Working Paper. Latest revision January 1999. (with Anne Mette Barfod) 1996.On Derivative Contracts on Catastrophe Losses. Working Paper. Latest revision 1997.

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