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Final conference
Copenhagen, 8 January 2015
See invitation for conference (in Danish) Workshop: Revealing hidden knowledge
Copenhagen, Friday 9 January 2015 see Call for Papers - DanTermBank Workshop Revealing hidden knowledge
Workshop on users of knowledge-based resources
Copenhagen, 7 October 2013
CBS Description:
This workshop calls for presentations on topics concerning users of knowledge-based resources. We invite contributions for presentations and demonstrations related to the aspects of users of terminologies, term banks, ontologies, electronic dictionaries, including:
  • User studies
  • User characteristics
  • User behaviour
  • User modeling
  • User adaption
  • Usability assessment
Workshop on eye-tracking
Copenhagen, 27 September 2013
CBS One of the subprojects investigated how to disseminate knowledge in the Danish tax domain. The test persons were possible end users with very different backgrounds and expertise in the tax domain as well as translators and terminologists. For the workshop we invited the 40 persons who had participated in the eye-tracking experiments. The results of these experiments were presented and discussed, and the participants could contribute to the user scenarios. The participants were divided into focus groups to discuss and prioritize pros and cons for using a terminology and knowledge bank.
TKE 2012, Full day Workshop (W3): Data consistency and interoperability in terminological resources
Madrid, 22nd of June 2012
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain Click this link to download the slides from the workshop. Contributions to the workshop: Marc Kemps-Snijders: ISO12620 and ISOCat
Alan Melby: TBX: status and future (the future is in your hands)
Pia Lyngby Hoffmann: Data categories
Anna Elisabeth Odgaard: Data structure
Hanne Erdman Thomsen:’Taxonomicalization’ of ISOCat and TBX
Henrik Nilsson: Critical mass - critical masses? On harmonizing in a national termbank
Anne-Kathrin Schumann: EuroTermBank
Tine Lassen: Accomodating user needs by entry merging

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