The DanTermBank Project launches a new website

All the slides from the conference "Værdien af en national term- og vidensbank” and workshop "Revealing hidden knowledge" are now available for download. Click on Publications.

Programme and abstracts now available

What are the results of the research project and what can be obtained with a Danish terminology and knowledge bank?

Se program for DanTermBank-workshop om eye-tracking-forsøg som afholdes d. 27. september 2013

We are very pleased to announce a workshop on users of knowledge-based resources which is held in Copenhagen, Denmark, and organized by the DanTermBank group at the Dept. of International Business Communication (IBC) at Copenhagen Business School. DTB Workshop 2013: 7th October 2013

We are pleased to invite you to a workshop which will be held within the framework of the DanTermBank project on Wednesday 24th October.

Memorandum on the status of the Danish language 2012 released by the Danish Language Council:

The slides from the TKE 2012 Workshop "W3: Data consistency and interoperability in terminological resources" are now available for download. Click this link to download the slides:

DanTermBank project team participates in Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE) Conference in Madrid 2012.