Download TKE Workshop Slides

The slides from the TKE 2012 Workshop "W3: Data consistency and interoperability in terminological resources" are now available for download. Please follow this link to download the slides. Here is a list of the presentations included:
Marc Kemps-Snijders: ISO12620 and ISOCat
Alan Melby: TBX: status and future (the future is in your hands)
Pia Lyngby Hoffmann: Data categories -
Anna Elisabeth Odgaard: Data structure -
Hanne Erdman Thomsen:’Taxonomicalization’ of ISOCat and TBX
Henrik Nilsson: Critical mass -- critical masses? On harmonizing in a national termbank
Anne-Kathrin Schumann: EuroTermBank
Tine Lassen: Accomodating user needs by entry merging

Last updated by: Anna Elisabeth Odgaard 03/09/2012