Winners 2019

Winners of the AQR Top Finance Graduate Award at CBS 2019  
Gregory Buchak, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Gregory Buchak is completing his PhD in financial economics at the University of Chicago. His research focuses on consumer finance, the industrial organization of the financial system, financial regulation, and the role that finance plays in technological growth. Next year he will join the Stanford Graduate School of Business as an assistant professor of finance.
Lorena Keller, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management Lorena Keller is a PhD candidate in finance at Northwestern University. Her research interests are in macro-finance. In particular, she is interested in understanding how macroeconomic and pricing frictions affect agents at the micro level (firms and households) and how the effects at the micro level feed back to the real economy. Lorena holds an M.A and B.A in Economics from Universidad del Pacifico (Peru). Prior to her PhD studies at Northwestern, Lorena worked as a Trader at Deutsche Bank. This summer, Lorena is joining the finance department at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. Capital Controls and Risk Misallocation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Claudia Robles Garcia, London School of Economics Claudia Robles-Garcia is a PhD candidate in Economics at the London School of Economics and a research analyst at the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Her main areas of research are household finance, industrial organization and banking. In recent work,  she studies the role of intermediaries as expert advisors, the effects of financial regulation on consumer behavior and market structure, and the impact of vertical relations on firm pricing decisions. This summer, Claudia will be joining the Stanford Graduate School of Business as an Assistant Professor of Finance. Competition and Incentives in Mortgage Markets: The Role of Brokers
Olivier Wang, MIT Economics Olivier Wang is a PhD candidate in economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and will be joining the finance department at the NYU Stern School of Business this summer. His current research is in macroeconomics, banking, and international finance. Prior to MIT, he received degrees in mathematics and economics from the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. Banks, Low Interest Rates, and Monetary Policy Transmission  
Chenzi Xu, Harvard University Chenzi Xu’s research interests are in financial history and international macroeconomics, especially as it pertains to banking and financial crises. She is a PhD candidate in Economics at Harvard University. Chenzi received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard and was a Harvard-Cambridge Scholar and Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholar at the University of Cambridge, where she received an M. Phil in Economic and Social History. Chenzi will join the Stanford Graduate School of Business as an assistant professor of finance in the fall 2020 after one year as the Dartmouth International Economics Postdoctoral Fellow. Reshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-Run Effects of Bank Failures
Anthony Lee Zhang, Stanford Graduate School of Business Anthony Lee Zhang is a PhD student in Economic Analysis and Policy at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He primarily works on market design and microstructure. His job market paper proposes a way to measure the manipulability of derivative contract markets. Competition and Manipulation in Derivative Contract Markets  

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