AQR Top Finance Graduate Award 2017

Center for Financial Frictions (FRIC) and the Department of Finance at Copenhagen Business School are proud to host the fifth AQR Top Finance Graduate Award at CBS on May 29, 2017. This award recognizes the most promising finance PhD graduates in 2017. Specifically, the award recognizes the graduates specializing in financial economics pursuing degrees in any field of study, e.g. business or economics, whose dissertation and broader research potential carry the greatest promise of making an impact on the finance practice and academia.   The winners will receive a cash prize of a total of 10.000 USD sponsored by AQR and present their research in Copenhagen on May 29, 2017.   Winners:
  • Simona Abis, PhD from INSEAD
  • Jessica Jeffers, PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School
  • Moritz Lenel, PhD from Stanford University
  • Pascal Noel, PhD from Harvard University
  • Emily Williams, PhD from London Business School
  • Alexander K. Zentefis, PhD from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
  The awards will be presented by Award Selection Committee member Ralph Koijen, New York University, Stern School of Business.   Award Selection Committee:   Please note, the Award Selection Committee conducts an independent search for candidates so candidates cannot apply for this award. If you would like to participate in this event and see the best research by the new crop of graduates, please sign up on this website.   Deadline for registration is May 17, 2017 at noon and the event is free of charge.   Please note the following:  
  • Your registration is only valid, once you have received an email confirmation from the conference system. Please make sure to check your email for your registration confirmation.
  • We ask that you enter your name and affiliation, as you would like it to appear on the conference name tag.
  • We have a limited number of seats available for this event, so in the event that you will not be able to come, please cancel your registration as soon as possible by emailing Julie de Molade:
  • We would like to inform you that for marketing purposes photos may be taken during the event.

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