GTW publications consist of the proceedings from TKE conferences. The publications from 2005-2010 can be acquired from the organizers of the conferences. Publications from later conferences are available on-line. TKE Proceedings from 2005 and onwards are indexed by Elsevier for Scopus and Compendex. TKE conferences are included in the Danish bibliometric research indicator - see the latest list of 'series' here.

Term Bases and Linguistic Linked Open Data

Proceedings of TKE 2016 the 12th International conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

: Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Antonio Pareja-Lora, Bodil Nistrup Madsen (eds.)

2016 - ISBN: 978-87-999179-0-7
Copenhagen Business School
255 sider

Ontology, Terminology & Text Mining

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Terminology and Knowledge Engineering

: Laurent Romary; Bodil Nistrup Madsen; Klaus-Dirk Schmitz & Hanne Erdman Thomsen

Proceedings as one pdf file:
2014 233 sider
Proceedings available online at

New frontiers in the constructive symbiosis of terminology and knowledge engineering

Proceedings of the 10th Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference

: Guadalupe Aguado de Cea; Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa; Raúl García-Castro & Elena Montiel-Ponsoda (eds.)

2012 - 978-84-695-4333-7
Proceedings can be downloaded.

Presenting Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Resources Online: Models and Challenges

Proceedings from TKE 2010

: Úna Bhreathnach & Fionnuala de Barra Cusack (eds.)

2010 - 978-0-9566314-0-4
Nicolson & Bass, Ireland

Managing Ontologies and Lexical Resources

Proceedings from TKE 2008

: Bodil Nistrup Madsen & Hanne Erdman Thomsen (eds.)

2008 - 87-91242-50-9

Terminology and content development.

Proceedings from TKE 2005

: Bodil Nistrup Madsen & Hanne Erdman Thomsen (eds.)

2005 - 87-91242-46-0

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