New Working Paper

In a new working paper, we use data covering the total Danish population. We investigate home bias, and find it to be pervasive. We look particularly at foreigners recently relocated to Denmark. Initially, their home bias is lower than that of Danes. After some years, home bias of relocated foreigners and Danes are similar. Paper available here:
Turning Local (With Bjarne Florentsen, Ulf Nielsson, Peter Raahauge). October 2016
. The paper was covered in the business section of the large Danish daily Berlingske, on the front page. Available here (in Danish):
. And here is a 7-page story in Børsen (in Børsen):
. It was also covered in Pengenyt. Available here (in Danish):
. And here is a link to a video where I present the results briefly (also in Danish):

Last updated by: Jesper Rangvid 27/10/2016