Design competition

CBS Art Club wants a logo that in a simple and aesthetic way can communicate the Art Club to members, both existing and potential, and other interested parties. To this effect the Art Club hereby launches a public design competition. No design restrictions in terms of color scheme, motif etc. apply However, the logo must be functional in the contexts listed below and in both Danish and English 1. As CBS Art Club headpiece 2. On digital letter paper 3. On exhibition banners 4. On miscellaneous printed materials The winning designer is required to transfer all property rights to the Art Club in exchange for credits where this is possible and relevant. By submitting a design proposal the designer accepts these terms. Please send design proposals to the Art Club chairman (for contact info see below) no later than February 17, 2011 The winner will be awarded a 1 year 1 + 1 membership of the Louisiana Club in addition to mentioning on the CBS Art Club website and in other relevant fora. The panel will consist of the Art Club board and Lars Thorsen, senior advisor in the Communications & Marketing Department Please forward design proposals to: Joshua Kragh Bruhn CBS Library Solbjerg Plads 3, A2. 08 DK – 2000 Frederiksberg

Last updated by: Joshua Kragh Bruhn 19/01/2011