Branding between Origin and Globalisation




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The invitation - background and motivation for 29. October 2013:

Meet Wally Olins, Claus Meyer and Majken Schultz – three leading experts within Corporate Branding – Between Origin and Globalisation. World-famous, multi-award winner branding guru Wally Olins is visiting CBS, and for that reason CBS Management Programmes would like to invite all recent and previous HD/Master/MBA students as well as other external stakeholders with an interest in this field. Come join us at this much-anticipated event, taking place on 29 October. The conference is themed around ”Branding Between Origin and Global-isation”, a topic Wally Olins has been involved in for more than 50 years from a sociological, anthropological and global corporate perspective. At the event, he will share his views on current trends and where branding is headed in a more complex and globalized context. What should we, as business developers, corporate leaders and branding professionals look out for? We have also invited Claus Meyer, who as co-founder of NOMA and many other things has had much success with putting Nordic quality and authenticity on the global agenda. The development and branding of Meyers all started here at CBS, and we are proud and happy to welcome Claus Meyer back to school, this time as our keynote speaker who will offer a relevant, practical perspective angle to Wally Olin’s lecture. Professor Majken Schultz from CBS is in herself a great source of knowledge within corporate branding, and knows the other speakers very well. Wally Olins has, as Majken Schultz’s old mentor, been a constant source of inspiration for her field of research, and she knows Claus Meyer well from his CBS days. Majken Schultz will add an academic framework to the lectures. In sum, we have lined up an exciting few hours with these inspiring and eminent speakers and we hope you will look forward to the event as much as we do! Mark your calendars for this event, which will take place on Tuesday 29 October 2013 from 16:00-18:00. Kind regards,
CBS Management Programmes

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