Peter Gammeltoft Chinese foreign direct investment in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Motives, locational determinants and dynamics of Chinese knowledge-seeking investments in Europe. Bersant Hobdari The relation of the emerging multinational corporation’s activity and the structure of international trade. Björn Jindra Investigation of emerging market firms' location choice in the European Union at the national and sub-national level of analysis. Analysis of the relationship between internationalization and innovation by emerging market firms Ari Kokko Imports, exports and FDI as interrelated decisions driving emerging market firm’s internationalization process and institutional setting for internationalization in emerging markets. Ming Hua Li Dynamic capabilities of emerging market firms arising from institutional change which impact their internationalization/trade patterns. International entrepreneurship and innovation strategies of emerging market firms. Peter Ping Li Overseas M&A Strategies by the Chinese MNEs with a case study in the machine tool industry in Germany. Larissa Rabbiosi The role of diaspora members as foreign investors in their countries of origin (homeland). Specifically, the study of how Indian diaspora owners can facilitate (1) homeland firms’ decisions about OFDI, and (2) collaborations between foreign-owned firms and homeland firms.

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