Working Papers - Steffen Andersen

1. S. Andersen, T. Hanspal and K. Meisner Nielsen, " Experience Is the Best Teacher: Financial Misconduct and White-Collar Crime,” 2019.  
2. S. Andersen, P. d’Astous. J. Martínez-Correa and Stephen H. Shore, "Are Educational Differences in the Gender Earnings Gap Causal?," 2019  
3. S. Andersen, K. Peijnenburg, and P. Gianpaolo, “Breaking Bad: Social Costs of Private Shocks,” 2021  
4. S. Andersen, T. Hanspal, J. Martínez-Correa and K. Meisner Nielsen, "Biased Beliefs and Investment Behavior,” 2019, revise and resubmit Review of Finance   
5. Andersen, S; Baldwin, J.; Gneezy, U.; List, J. “Toward an Understanding of Reference-Dependent Labor Supply,” revise and resubmit Economic Journal  
  Work in progress  
1. S. Andersen, Iyver, R. and K. Meisner Nielsen, "Flight to Safety: Wealth and Portfolio Reallocation”   
2. S. Andersen, K. Meisner Nielsen and Abhiroop Mukherjee, "Stakes and Mistakes: Testing Investment Biases”   
3. S. Andersen, Luigo Guiso and Fabiano Schivardi, “Risk Balancing Of Business Owners”  
4. S. Andersen, GW. Harrison and MI. Lau and J. Martínez-Correa "The Preferences and Beliefs of Criminals"  

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