Cedric Schneider books student cbs
Research is the sine qua non of an academic economist’s profile. Without a continuous research activity, it’s hard to deliver research-based teaching and supervision. And without a research anchoring, dissemination activities tend to lose credibility and respect. Research output is first and foremost measured in terms of publications. The quality and quantity of publications determine your standing within the profession. Publish or perish… However, publications aren’t all that matters. Supervision of PhD candidates, fundraising etc. also count. Again: research publications are the foundation. In their absence, forget about the other achievements. My research agenda is driven by events in the real world out there. Hence, my papers are typically applied and policy-oriented. Rather than advancing the methodologies per se, my work is mostly based on twists of existing analytical frameworks. Lack of ambition? Possibly. Most of my research is carried out jointly with colleagues from all over the globe.  For sure: if econometrics is involved, I'm not alone! And I (still) get excited when I, together with my teams, bring new insights that are accepted by the journals.  The main themes of my research include monetary unification and fiscal policy in Europe; generational and macroeconomic effects of changing demographics; sustainability of public debt; pensions and social security; structural reforms; studies of particular policy episodes, and macroeconomic policy more generally.

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