2017: Bruegel Annual Report


The activities at Bruegel in 2017 have now been documented in our newly launched Annual Report, see here. The report not only shows Bruegel's record in terms of output and impact, but it also informs about the anatomy of a think tank, Bruegel's governance model, financial statements etc. I'm proud to be part of an institution committed to support a continuous reform agenda. True, times are good in Europe these days, but also true: Complacency now will narrow choices tomorrow... And bad times may come sooner rather than later. Therefore, Bruegel will continue to engage with current policy challenges facing the European economies. We do so by bringing evidence-based analysis to the table, thereby informing and explaining with the aim of promoting outcomes that are sustainable and equitable. Read more about Bruegel here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 27/05/2018