Book: Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics

  Together with two of my colleagues, U. Michael Bergman (University of Copenhagen) and Øystein Thøgersen (NHH Norwegian School of Economics), I have co-authored a chapter in a newly published book entitled “The Routledge Handbook of Scandinavian Politics”, edited by Peter Nedergaard and Anders Wivel. Our contribution is about fiscal policy in the Scandinavian countries, and it reviews the background to the successful performance of public finances in the Scandinavian countries in recent years. The focus is on current developments in relation to fiscal frameworks, including budgetary rules, the role of fiscal expert panels and cyclicality of fiscal policy. Moreover, the chapter addresses a number of fiscal challenges, mainly those originating from changing demographics, and we discuss how such challenges may be handled through retirement and other welfare reforms. Finally, the chapter concludes with some potential implications for policy design in other small open economies.  The book not only focuses on fiscal policy but offers a comprehensive overview of Scandinavian politics provided by leading experts in the field and covering the polity, the politics and the policy of the Scandinavian countries. Coherently structured with a multi-level thematic approach, it explains and details Scandinavian politics today. It will be a key reference point both for advanced-level students developing knowledge about the subject, as well as researchers producing new material in the area and beyond. Methodologically and theoretically pluralistic, the handbook is in itself a reflection of the field of political science in Scandinavia and the diversity of the issues covered in the volume. The table of contents is as follows: 1. Introduction: Scandinavian Politics between Myth and Reality 2. The Modern Scandinavian Welfare State 3. The Egalitarian Paradise? 4. Still the Corporatist Darlings? 5. The Green 'Heavyweights': The Climate Policies of the Nordic Countries 6. Goldilocks' Frankenstein Monster: The Rise, Political Entrenchment and Transformation of the Scandinavian Welfare States 7. Nordic Administrative Traditions 8. Cabinets and Ministerial Turnover in the Scandinavian Countries 9.The Parliaments of the Scandinavian Countries 10. Nordic Voters and Party Systems 11.Public Opinion and Politics in Scandinavia 12.Continuity and Convergence: Populism in Scandinavia 13. Social Capital in the Scandinavian Countries 14.The Role of the Media in Scandinavian Politics 15. Fiscal Policy in the Scandinavian Countries 16. The Fisheries Policy in the Nordic Countries: From Open Access to Rights-based Management Fisheries 17. Making and Re-making the Nordic Model of Education 18. Immigrant Policies of the Scandinavian Countries 19. Scandinavian Models of Diplomacy 20. Scandinavian Defence and Alliance Policies: Different Together 21. Scandinavia and the European Union: Pragmatic Functionalism Reconsidered 22. The United Nations and the Nordic Four: Cautious Sceptics, Committed Believers, Cost-benefit Calculators 23. Scandinavian Development Policies 24. Conclusions: Scandinavian Polities, Politics and Policies Reconsidered   A list of my other book publications can be seen here and here.

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