Book: The Danish economy in a global context

  As a result of joint work with colleagues from Aarhus University - Torben M. Andersen, Jan Bentzen and Valdemar Smith - and my CBS colleague, Niels Westergaard-Nielsen, I have just published a book, entitled "The Danish Economy in a Global Context". The book provides a general introduction to economic developments, institutions and policies in Denmark. A number of topical policy issues, such as retirement, education and globalisation, are discussed in a non-technical fashion. The text takes a global comparative perspective to highlight the differences and similarities between Denmark and other OECD countries. The Danish Economy in a Global Context should be read as a general introduction to the Danish economy. While self-contained, it is intended for introductory economics courses where it complements theoretical textbooks with empirical and institutional underpinning of key issues. The book can be read in its entirety or selected chapters can be read independently. Key economic concepts are carefully explained throughout the book. The book is also accessible to students of other subjects than economics who want a broad and coherent introduction to key aspects of the Danish economy. The Danish Economy in a Global Context has been published by DJØF Forlaget, and it is available for purchase in bookshops or you can order the book here The table of contents is as follows:
  • Chapter 1: The Danish economy in an international perspective
  • Chapter 2: National income accounts – concepts and measures
  • Chapter 3: Business cycles and stabilisation policy
  • Chapter 4: Financial markets and monetary policy
  • Chapter 5: International trade, competitiveness and the external balance
  • Chapter 6: The Danish labour market
  • Chapter 7: The Danish welfare model
  • Chapter 8: Industry structure
  • Chapter 9: Rules and regulations
  • Chapter 10: Growth, innovation and education
  • Chapter 11: Writing reports in economics
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Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 30/12/2016