Debate: In search of returns: Learn from the best in class...

  On November 9, 2016, I participated in a panel discussion at the World Pension Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands. The theme of the panel discussion was "In Search of Returns: Learn from Best in Class | The Denmark Case". The other panellists were Hasse Jørgensen (CEO, Sampension) and Helen Kobæk (former CEO of PenSam), and the moderator of the session was Elsebeth Aaes-Joergensen (partner, Norrbom Vinding). The World Pension Summit is a platform 'for and by' pension professionals, with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas on how to secure sufficient pension provision. This year the World Pension Summit focused on "managing rising risks", emphasizing on the risk components of vital "pension cross-roads". More information about the event can be found here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 10/11/2016