Keynote: Lessons from the best in class...

  Pensions and Benefits UK (PBUK) is the annual conference organized by the Professional Pensions and Workplace Savings and Benefits in the UK. In 2017 the conference took place at the brand new location of the Brewery in the City of London on the 27th-28th June. I was invited to present the closing keynote session on day one of the conference. Here's the title of my talk - suggested to me by the organizers:  Boosting the grade: Lessons from the best in class’. Well, the background to this title is that the UK has been knocked out of the Mercer Global Pension Index’s top 10 for pensions with the system downgrade to C+ in 2016... This is unlike Denmark - which has topped the global index for the past five consecutive years! So, in my keynote address I devoted a substantial part to discuss why - and how - Denmark tops the list. More generally, my talk focussed on key features of the Danish pension system and what the UK possibly could do to improve its performance. I also addressed some of challenges faced by the Danish pension system... Further information on the conference can be found here. You can also find some photographs here. And some more targeted ones here... Overall, it was great being back in London! The conference was terrific - and I can only see one downside: the timing of the event. It took place just one week before the launch of the Championships - Wimbledon 2017. And wouldn't it have been great to be able to kill two birds with one stone...?  A list of recent and upcoming presentations can be seen here and here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 08/07/2017