Op-ed: Solving the pension knot…

  Due to means-testing of pension benefits, the effective return on occupational pension (OP) savings is pretty low in Denmark. This is especially the case for low-income groups close to retirement age. There is a serious concern that unless this problem is appropriately addressed, the contributions to the OP system may be dramatically reduced in the future. Against this background, I wrote an op-ed article with suggestions as to how to put a cap on the effective tax rate on pension savings. The article has been published as a feature in Børsen, the leading Danish business newspaper. You can read the article here. Unfortunately, the editor at Børsen got it completely wrong when s/he titled the headline and wrote the introductory paragraph to the article. Fortunately, I was invited to write a comment to correct the mistakes. You can read the clarifying comment here. My other recent op-eds can be found here.

Last updated by: Filipe Vieira 15/07/2016