PhD: What are the costs of business cycles?

  After a successful defence of his thesis, entitled "Business Cycle Costs for Finitely Living Individuals", Max Weiss Dohrn has been awarded the PhD degree in economics by Aarhus University. The public defence took place on February 2, 2017. I was a member of the assessment committee, together with professors Martin Flodén, Stockholm University, and Martin Møller Andreasen (chairman), Aarhus University. Professor Torben M. Andersen, Aarhus University, has been the main supervisor.  The thesis can be downloaded here. You can read more about the public defence here. And a picture of the proud recipient of the degree of doctor of philosophy can be seen here. A list of my own ongoing PhD projects can be found here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 05/02/2017