Regulation: Keep a tight rein on the pension funds…

  Whether or not to provide income guarantees in pension products is a heavily debated issue in Denmark. A related topic is the extent to which the national supervisory authorities should be involved in protecting the interests of members of pension funds. As a contribution to this debate, Jesper Rangvid and I wrote a feature about the transition towards the so-called market return pensions and the risks associated with such pension products. The key message is that members of pension funds should have easy access to solid and transparent information about their expected future "pillar 2" pension benefits. Finanstilsynet – the Danish FSA – plays a key role to make sure that relevant information about uncertainty etc. is provided on a regular and sound basis.    The feature has been published in the daily Danish business newspaper Børsen. You can read the published version here or here.       My other recent op-eds can be found here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 11/03/2017