Review: Chairman of international expert panel

  A recent call by the Academy of Finland (AoF) yielded a large number of applications for research projects, research fellow posts and post-doctoral researcher posts from economics. Following a standard procedure, peer review was used to assess the scientific quality of the suggested research plans. Specifically, the applications were reviewed by an international panel of five members. I served as chairman of the panel. The reviewing included writing a pre-assessment text as well as assigning numerical grades. At a one-day panel meeting, held in Helsinki on March 21, the panel discussed the pre-assessments and rated the scientific quality of each proposal. At a later stage, the AoF Research Council will rank the applications and make the final funding decisions, based on panel assessments and by taking into account science policy criteria. A list of other recent reviewing activities can be found here.

Last updated by: Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen 27/03/2017