Talk: Changing demographics and optimal public debt

  On June 16-18, I participated in the workshop “Economic Aspects of Demographic Change”, organized jointly by MoPAct and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA). The programme was put together by Prof. Hans Fehr, University of Würzburg, Germany. The talk was based on my paper written together with Andrew Hughes Hallett and Thorsteinn Sveinsson, entitled “Changing Demographics and Optimal Public Debt: A Steady State Analysis”. Due to my commitment to participate in Folkemødet, I could not attend the workshop to the very end, and I had to leave it to my two PhD students, Thorsteinn and Filipe, to present the paper. Thank you so much guys for accepting, with short notice, to be thrown to the lions… The programme of the workshop can be seen here. And the papers can be downloaded here. A list of recent and upcoming presentations can be seen here and here.

Last updated by: Filipe Vieira 02/07/2016