I teach at CBS and I act as a course coordinator for several courses at various levels, primarily within macroeconomics and the economics of European integration. I'm a supervisor to numerous students, ranging from undergraduate to PhD level. I also teach at CBS’ executive programmes in relation to macroeconomics and financial markets. It's great to work with the MBA students. They are determined, dedicated – and demanding. The lecture room is always a lively place when the grown-ups are back to school… In general, I love teaching at CBS. We have a lot of very good students. A huge talent pool, really. However, I also come across a number of students who may be misplaced here. Their commitment is too weak. Sometimes I ask myself: Is activity on social media, such as Facebook updating, really more important than learning?  Outside of CBS, I'm involved in a number of educational activities. For example, I'm a visiting professor at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM) and at the Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) -  both relatively new, private and entrepreneurial institutions of learning.  At ZSEM I’m also engaged in developing a regional economics education platform for East and South East Europe. Bringing modern graduate programmes in economics to this region is, in my opinion, an important contribution to economic integration and coherence in Europe.

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