Pernille Steen Pedersen was early in TV2's studio to discuss her work and new book "stress og skam i arbejdslivet - en guide til fælles forebyggelse" in the program Go' morgen Danmark.

24.09.2021 hosted a live-chat to address stress among students and had invited two leading researchers, Noemi Katznelson and Pernille Steen Pedersen.

Pernille Steen Pedersen was invited in TV2 News to comment on a high percent of sick leave among social and health care workers.

On 19. June Berlingske Tidende brought a chronicle written by Pernille Steen Pedersen addressing the recent public debates about students experiencing exam anxiety and the widespread use of medications to calm the nerves. Based on her research on stress and well-being among students, she raises a central question: "How can educational institutions, including teachers, fellow students, and administrative staff, help to create a culture that can prevent exam anxiety from becoming such a major problem that anti-anxiety drugs are needed?"

Pernille Steen Pedersen's work has shown a connection between stress and shame. Pedersen shares in a new video for this website, that she is starting to discover how shame affects students' lives and elaborates how social connections are central to prevent stress and enhance well-being.

In just one day, Pernille Steen Pedersen received 15 new inquiries for students wanting to participate in the project.

Does your inner judge accompany you to work? This is the title of the podcast interview between Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Principal of CBS and Pernille Steen Pedersen, Assistant Professor at CBS and a leading stress researcher in Denmark. They discuss the relation between stress and shame, and how we can pull together and help each other, both during and post the corona, in order to prevent stress.

CBS@home invites Pernille Steen Pedersen to give a webinar for CBS staff and students on stress and working at home during the pandemic.

So far 40 students have gotten involved with the project! Not only will they shed light on their experiences with stress, they will also act as guinea pigs and sparring partners during the research process to share their knowledge and ideas.

Djøf as a union and Pernille Steen Pedersen as a researcher share a common concern: the increasing tendency of stress among students.

"Pernille wants to defeat students’ stressful culture and strengthen their wellbeing" reads the headline of an article in CBS Wire.

A new strategic initiative as CBS shall explore stress among CBS students and aims to create changes in the culture that triggers stress.