Pernille Steen Pedersen in live-chat on stress in study life

On Friday the 24th September, at 13:30, Pernille Steen Pedersen and Noemi Katznelson sat by the computer ready to answer questions related to stress among students. hosted this live-chat for students to have an opportunity to talk directly with two researchers and experts on the topic. later wrote an article (in Danish) "Forskere til pressede studerende: Man skal vide, at det er normalt at være usikker," summing up the discussions that took place and key take-aways from the live-chat. One central message was that it is normal to feel insecure in one's study life and stress must not be a taboo. There is a need to speak up more about it, to normalize it and break the silence around it. Furthermore, help and support needs to be easier accessible - and Pedersen emphasized the need for collective solutions.

Last updated by: Anne Sofie Fischer 12/10/2021